"I went to fourteen cooking schools over the next three months... but you were, hands down, the best cooking teacher I encountered and I probably learned more from you than the others combined". Bob, USA. See below for the full story

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ROBERT ASH, Chef-patron at rue du Lac, won the Observer MasterChef competition in 1989, and went on to establish the Blythe Road Restaurant in 1996. The courses at rue du Lac aim to build on the success of the restaurant, using the same principles: utterly fresh ingredients; meticulous preparation; stylish presentation; and, above all, an abiding passion for absolutely delicious food and wine.

BOB SPITZ was one of the very first guests at rue du Lac, and he includes the experience (over some 30 pages) in this wide-ranging memoir of his travel around the cooking schools and restaurant kitchens of Europe. In 'The Saucier's Apprentice', he concludes the rue du Lac chapter by describing Robert Ash: "More than anything, he had the patience to convey all of this to us in a way that made perfect sense. There are skills and techniques - secrets - he taught us that I would use for the rest of my life. I had to hand it to him. I hadn't expected it would be that way, but his passion for teaching defined him. He'd done an extraordinary job, The work of a real chef-patron. It was just as Roger had promised. He was the real deal."
Copies are available through Amazon.com and good bookshops (USA and Canada only).

Time Out 2002 Awards

The Blythe Road restaurant
... the food is wonderful - fresh ingredients carefully presented and perfectly cooked. Marinated smoked mackerel with beetroot, horseradish and crème fraîche was a winner, while you can't really go wrong with gravadlax with mixed leaves and mustard sauce. The wine, a Chardonnay from Western Australia, was so good we ordered a second bottle.... grilled chicken breast with sweet potato and and chorizo mash, rocket and chilli oil, and confit of lamb shoulder and potato torte with seasonal vegetables and rosemary sauce... Portions are just the right size, which is very good news because the sticky toffee pudding here is terrific. You'll wish you'd ordered two... the Blythe Road Restaurant is unquestionably the best place to eat on Blythe Road, and one of the best in West London.

Robert also ran an extremely popular evening class in a London adult education college during the winter season. He's also a professional guitarist - it's quite usual for after-dinner conversation at rue du Lac to be supplemented by a top-class guitar session (subject to the approval of the guests, naturally).